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Welcome to the payroll information pages, which aim to provide help and guidance on all payroll matters.

Permanent, fixed term and hourly paid employees 

  • Your salary will be based on Liverpool Hope's single pay spine, introduced as part of The National Framework Agreement you can find more information on this in role profiles.

  • Salary is determined by your FTE (Full Time Equivalent), to work out your FTE (which is based on a full time week of 35 hours) please check the FTE Calculator.

  • The pay spine is divided into grades, with a number of spine points within each grade. Increments take place on 1st August each year for staff with six months continuous service. Your salary will be incremented each year in August within your current grade until you reach the top of your scale. Moving up to the next grade will depend on Promotion or re-evaluation of your current role (in exceptional circumstances). The salary uplift varies for the lower end of the spine and can be found in 2022-23 salary spine points. To work out what the uplift is for your spine point please refer to Salary Spine Percentage Uplifts - Aug 22.

  • Your salary is paid to you on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a Bank Holiday the payment will be made on the previous Friday.


All staff wishing to claim overtime are requested to complete an overtime form which is available from Payroll, detailing additional hours worked on a weekly basis.

Overtime refers to additional hours in your primary role and does not refer to hours worked in a separate role.

These forms should be completed instead of the payroll excel sheets or any existing overtime forms as these no longer provide sufficient information and will not be accepted.

Overtime forms should be signed by the departmental budget holder and a hard copy should be sent directly to Salaries before the payroll deadline.

If you have any queries regarding overtime payments please contact your HR Adviser or call Personnel 0151 291 3189.

Hourly paid lecturers (academic), including music tutors 

Under the terms of the National Framework Agreement, hourly paid lecturers are now on the same rates of pay as Lecturers (i.e. Grade 7). All hourly paid music tutors are paid at Grade 6. The pay spine is divided into grades, with a number of spine points within each grade, Single Pay Spine Academic Hourly Rates 2022 - 2023. Subject to your continuous service, your salary will be incremented each year in August within your current grade until you reach the top of your scale.

Please complete a and Starter Checklist (replaces P46)(if you do not have a P45 from your previous employer). All academics are automatically entered into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. If you do not wish to join the scheme, please complete an Opt-out Form which is available on the Teachers' Pensions website. You must also provide a copy of your up-to-date cv, proof of your qualifications and eligibility to work in the UK.

To submit hours you will need to contact your faculty administrator failure to do so will result in not being paid. 

Please read our Hourly Paid Lecturer frequently asked questions for further information.


For more information please visit HM Revenue and Customs 

National Insurance number

For more information on applying for a National Insurance number visit the Direct Government website.

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 requires all employers to make basic document checks on every person they intend to employ. By making these checks the University can be sure that it will not break the law by employing illegal workers and only employs people who are legally permitted to work in the UK.

Employer's right to work checklist